de Sibour

Advancing. Inspiring. Innovating.

UX Design
with a Purpose.

With a wide range of experiences, diversity of thought, and a growth mindset, Shane can help elevate any user interaction.

High-Fidelity Internship

User Experience Design intern under Charles Schwab's Digital Services team


Growing Into a New World

An augmented reality experience showcased at Bradley University's FUSE


Applying UX to Peoria

Hands-on intern for client-based website design group

Tutor for Technical Problems

Application designed to advance all Caterpillar machine user needs

Forward-Thinking Redesign

An in-depth capstone project designed for instructors, students, and parents

Walker Exhibits

Promoting Locals with Posters

Posters designed to promote performances at the Walker Art Center

UX Design
with a Process.

01. Research

Every great project starts with the proper knowledge. A thorough understanding of users and their goals is vital to deliver the best user experience.

02. Conceptualize

Ideas can be original or inspired by other work. Putting pencil to paper and sketching ideas is the best way to start. Design patterns work well, but never be afraid to try something new.

03. Design

Turning low-fidelity into high-fidelity is an exciting part of every project. Turning concepts into a polished design takes time, but is a rewarding part of the UX process.

04. Iterate

No first draft is ever perfect. User tests and feedback help determine what users like and what they do not. A project can go through several iterations until it achieves its goal.