Shane de Sibour

You may be interested in what I've done:

Growing into a New World

Theia — An augmented reality experience showcased at Bradley University’s FUSE

Intuitive Tutor for Technical Problems

An application designed for Caterpillar to consult with engineers, order parts, maintain machines, guide through and build tutorials, repair faults, and overall improve and advance engagement with their customers.

Promoting Locals with Posters

Poster series for Walker Arts exhibitions and performances applied to both traditional media / print and digital boards.

A Helping Hand

Homeless shelter kiosk app for OSF HealthCare and Dream Center Peoria. Designed for a seamless, immediate, and easy process to help both shelter staff and those who need the basics of survival.

Lessons in Your Pocket

An augmented reality skateboard* tutorial application for various tricks and sport progression.

Trick Tutor